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Given the importance of procurement to any business, PeraPole provides an organized overview of the data that can help you make sound decisions when purchasing goods and services.

Provides strategic advantages
to procurement managers!

PeraPole is an opportunity to overcome the disadvantages caused by weaknesses in procurement system software and supply chain crises.

Expand your supplier alternatives, get quotes quickly and effortlessly!

Ask quotes instantly from thousands of suppliers, compare incoming offers, and select the most suitable alternative swiftly with the help of PeraPole!

Consolidate all of your procurement functions into one convenient platform! Perpetual Profit!


E-Procurement System

E-Procurement System A unified platform for all your procurement functions!
Request, approval, bid collecting, bid evaluation, order formulation, order tracking, and payment tracking are all simply managed on one platform using PeraPole's e-procurement system.

Create Request!

Buyers may quickly request any goods or service on PeraPole's electronic purchasing platform and notify numerous alternative vendors.

Place bids!

Manufacturers and suppliers may assess requests on the PeraPole procurement platform and evaluate partnership potential by submitting customized bids.

Create Order!

The PeraPole procurement platform lets buyers compare bids and acquire the best products and services for price and quality

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The Platform that Digitizes Purchasing Processes!

Experts at PeraPole Procurement Platform have been using electronic procurement systems to efficiently manage procurement for some of Turkey's and Europe's largest companies for decades.

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Discover Our e-Procurement Solutions

PeraPole offers e-procurement solutions that enable the management of the entire procurement process, including request creation, approval, bid collection, bid evaluation, order formation, order tracking, and delivery tracking, all through a single platform.

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