PeraPole Digitizes
Procurement Processes


A group of dreamers realize their collective vision

Established in 2018 by a group of individuals with combined decades of purchasing and technology expertise at global companies, PeraPole aspires to innovate e-procurement and have significant space in the future of procurement. Insightful members of our founding team foresaw the profound effects that global platform business models would have on international trade and finance.

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The Covid-19 epidemic has bolstered PeraPole's determination

Founded with an eye on global organization, PeraPole's mission to build flexible and alternative supply chains became all the more essential in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent closure periods, which revealed the vulnerability of global supply chains. Conventional methods and instruments were unable to overcome catastrophic events like

fast-spreading illnesses or geopolitical tensions, which might instantly disrupt global trade. In light of the changing political and technical landscape, PeraPole has restructured with the belief that e-procurement platforms can be instrumental in preserving international trade by continuously developing alternative supply chains.

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PeraPole kurumsal

The goal of PeraPole is to guarantee that institutions
make money when they purchase

The goal of PeraPole is to make it easy for member entities all over the globe to get the raw materials, semi-finished goods, materials, and services they need to manufacture products and provide services, and to ensure that they will make money when they buy. You can find the perfect vendor from among the tens of thousands of suppliers who are members of PeraPole thanks to our cutting-edge infrastructure. Having a trustworthy and open online shopping experience allows you to make inexpensive purchases.


With its robust technical architecture and priceless data repository, PeraPole is an unrivaled resource

Using artificial intelligence technology, PeraPole compiles a one-of-a-kind data treasury applicable to e-purchasing across all industries. By analyzing and processing data, it provides users with precise product, manufacturer, and supplier information, allowing them to save time and money. Members of PeraPole have access to a robust technological infrastructure that expedites, simplifies, and optimizes the request, quote, and order processes. Customers are able to locate the best items and vendors with the help of its data analysis and processing capabilities.

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Development at PeraPole is based on input from customers

Satisfying consumers and making the platform better is a top priority for PeraPole. The business achieves this goal by often convening client-side strategic cooperation sessions. Meetings like these determine PeraPole's structure and future by discussing in depth the needs and expectations of clients with the platform. The foundation of PeraPole's research and development methodology is customer feedback.

Meeting and other channel feedback, particularly calls to our solution center, enables continuous updates and improvements to the platform's software and structure. In addition to being platform users, PeraPole considers its customers to be integral to the process of continuous development. The company collaborates closely with its clients to make sure the platform improves daily.

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As always, PeraPole is finding new ways to facilitate procurement

By capitalizing on its extensive platform business model expertise, PeraPole is leading the charge to revolutionize the global supply chains within the transformative technology industry, namely in the realm of generative AI. We aim to serve our customers well and help shape the future of international trade with our user-friendly and powerful platform.


PeraPole offers strategic advantages for purchasing managers

The drawbacks of competing purchasing and supply chain software can be overcome using PeraPole.

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Create Request!

With PeraPole's request management module, departments or users can enter resources, products, or services they need, and requests can be collected and managed centrally!

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Make a Bid!

The PeraPole purchasing platform streamlines business processes by letting manufacturers and suppliers swiftly submit bids to global requesters.

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Create an Order!

PeraPole's analytical features let you choose the best bids, make your order, and send it to the right people and organizations


Perpetual Profit!

When it comes to strategic decisions like procurement, PeraPole provides the data that experts need to make the best possible choices. You can save money and time when you purchase on PeraPole, a worldwide platform where everyone in the supply chain —buyers and sellers alike— is involved and benefits.


Global supplier and customer network in over 30 countries

PeraPole has begun its activities as a global company and provides access to a very wide supply and customer network with its services offered through its offices in more than 30 countries around the world.

Countries with PeraPole offices
Countries where PeraPole will soon open

High Security

PeraPole's cloud-based system is a system that we constantly renew and improve, along with hardware and security costs for the user.

PeraPole in APP

With Mobile PeraPole (MOBPER), you can carry out your purchasing processes securely and easily from anywhere in the world via mobile phone or tablet.