PeraPole provides enterprises with speed, transparency, and savings using artificial intelligence by automating the purchasing process of companies, including Turkey's biggest companies, and bringing together thousands of the most successful suppliers in their sectors.

PeraPole, founded in 2018 by a team with extensive experience in procurement and technology, is still in full swing, despite supply chain difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The platform was built with the goal of entirely digitalizing enterprises' procurement functions, with the ambition of "enabling institutions to earn while buying" and "creating alternative and flexible supply chains".

PeraPole enables member institutions to readily obtain the resources, raw materials, and services required for the manufacture of products and services, while also ensuring the enterprises' profitability when they make purchases.

The platform employs artificial intelligence technology to enable businesses to obtain everything they require, from a car to a bulk needle, in a digital environment, in considerably less time than traditional purchasing processes, using transparent ways and at reasonable pricing.

PeraPole continues its operations with a competent staff to conveniently connect organizations with all of the manufacturers and sellers they may require, and regards the fact that the number of its suppliers has reached 10,000 as an important but rapidly surmountable milestone.


PeraPole’s infrastructure, which employs cutting-edge technology, enables businesses to select the best vendor from among a large number of suppliers, now numbering 10,000 and likely to grow significantly in the near future.

The platform's artificial intelligence technology enables affordable purchases as a result of a transparent and reliable e-procurement experience, and it provides manufacturers and suppliers with the information they require at the time they require it. It helps its consumers save time and money by analyzing and processing data.

The platform streamlines members' demand, offer, and order processes while increasing transaction speed and providing a sophisticated technology backbone.

PeraPole values ongoing improvement of the platform to satisfy the needs of its customers, hence it has strategic collaboration meetings with them on a regular basis. Customer feedback is the foundation of the PeraPole research and development process. Feedback from meetings and other channels, particularly calls to the company's solution center, enables the platform's software and structure to be continuously updated and enhanced.

The company works closely with its customers, seeing them not just as platform users but also as part of the development process, to improve the platform on a daily basis. As a result, PeraPole offers potential to overcome the drawbacks of flaws in traditional purchasing and supply chain software, and its user-friendly interface allows anyone to use it right away without training.


PeraPole also grabbed the attention of large firms with its advantageous offerings and began to see tangible results from its talks. The platform secured an arrangement with a grocery chain that operates throughout Turkey and has thousands of locations to make all of its supply through the platform, and the specifics of this partnership will be published shortly. Negotiations for strategic partnership between PeraPole and sectoral NGOs are also nearing completion. Details about this transaction are also scheduled to be released as early as next month.